SmokeShe lay back, looking up into the darkness of the room, the only light coming from a small lamp on his side of the bed. Bringing relief for her final craving to her mouth with her left hand, she closed her lips over the end and drew the smoke into her lungs. Exhaling she watched the white outlines writhe and billow and curl, expanding towards the ceiling.


She could feel his weight on the mattress next to her. He lay silent, still after their driving exertions together. Bending her left knee, she pulled her leg upwards. Moving her pleasantly exhausted limb took much concentration and she sighed aloud when her foot came to rest on the mattress, knee pointing to the ceiling.


The dampness cooling across her torso tickled her skin and she moved to brush it away with her right hand. A glint of lamplight reflected a flash in her eyes as she reached across her body. Smearing three lines across her chest with fingers draped around the shaft she executed the tickle.


Taking another draw she inhaled, the red heat at the end glowing hotter as she watched the blood drip from the blade, a Praying Mantis now satisfied.


FogThis picture is how I feel today while it’s cold and snowy here in the Midwest at the beginning of MAY! I apologize, but I’ve left the end of this hanging as I can’t decide if I want it to be the Lord catching her at her escape attempt, or some other captor. Either way, it’s not who she has expected…

Serena pulled the dark folds of the hooded wool cloak closer around her thin frame against the cool dampness of the pre-dawn fog. The hood draped over her head limiting her peripheral vision. But she daren’t remove it lest her pale golden tresses betray her as His Lordship’s best concubine. Leaves crunched rhythmically under her bare feet, echoing noisily in the silence as she stepped swiftly through the wood. The feel of their sharp dry edges on her soles was contrasted by the soft moist cushion of the cold sod hidden beneath them. The mist itself clung to her cloak as if trying to hold her back, leaving its surface damp and chill.

She knew that the false sense of security offered by the cloak would do her no good should any of the guards find her wandering the woods along the Eastern borders of the Estate. They were forbidden to all Estate inhabitants, a buffer between the grounds and a barren wilderness that served as refuge to potential raiding parties who would steal, or in her case, rescue, prized concubines raised and trained by the Lord of Seduction. It was to that wilderness that Serena must flee, or face being sold at auction now that His Lordship had completed her training.

Ahead of her, the two massive oak trees where she was to meet her escort seemed to emerge from the fog and her pace slowed. Her eyes darted around for signs of movement. Stopping between the trees, she turned slowly in place, searching.

Finally in the distance she caught sight of a shadow moving close to the ground. As the transparent darkness crawled closer, her mind strained to define it. It took her several moments to realize it was smoke, curling and drifting silently over the ground. It came to rest in front of her, billowing upwards, slowly forming itself into the shape of a man. When the sorcerer finally materialized before her Serena recoiled in surprise and screamed, the shrill sound echoing throughout the otherwise silent Forrest.


As if I don’t already have enough projects on the burners right now, this week’s episode of Castle inspired these characters who then insisted I start writing them up immediately. Jessie is the owner of a small private security company and she is interviewing to take on the protection of a (gasp) billionaire who has had an attempt made on his life. She has just finished telling him that though she is not armed for the interview, she always carries a weapon when on duty. This scene is very rough. I have not edited it at all yet.

John was cut off by a loud popping noise followed by a sharp crunch. Immediately the window behind him spidered into a halo above his head as the report of a gunshot sounded. He ducked at the noise. Jessie instinctively launched herself towards the billionaire as the plate glass reverberated with a second shot. Her body slammed against his and she threw her arms around him, letting her weight and momentum knock him off balance, sending them both crashing to the floor. She landed on top of him, the desk now between them and the window offering some protection against the unknown assailant. She felt his chest heave underneath her and knew that she had knocked the wind out of him but she didn’t have time to apologize now. Her hand automatically reached for the Beretta in its holster at her hip and she remembered that it wasn’t there.

“Shit!” she exclaimed, bringing both hands back up to rest on his chest. She paused a moment, listening. Hearing no further shots she looked down at the potential employer lying under her. Already recovering from the surprise, his jaw was set, his eyes narrowing in anger. Unconsciously his hands had circled her waist holding onto her protectively.

“Well,” she breathed, “that’s the last time I don’t bring my gun to an interview.”

He actually laughed. “I forgive you. And ah…you’re hired.”

Breaking Even

When I got to the North Points Supper Club this past Friday night at about 6:15,  there were a couple of non-members eating in the restaurant  so I had to wait awhile before heading to the back room.  Marc was sitting at the bar again talking to Maya so I headed over to chat for a bit.  I walked up behind him, slid my hands around his waist and rested them on his stomach.  Leaning my chin on his shoulder I smiled at him.

“Hey Marc.  Miss me?”  He leaned to the side a little to look at me and I took advantage of the opening and leaned in.  Pressing my lips against his and kissing him I let my left hand slide down to his groin.  He groaned into my mouth as I firmly squeezed the bulge in his jeans.  I broke the kiss and brought my hand back up to his stomach.  I looked up at Maya and winked while she shook her head at me and laughed.

I disentangled myself and sat down on the bar stool next to him.

Marc cleared his throat.  “You still owe me big time Trin.”

“I know.  I promise I will make last weekend up to you.  I swear.  But you know tonight is Alan’s turn.”

“You want a drink?” Maya asked.

“No thanks.  I’ll wait till I go back.  Have you guys seen Alan?”  I admit I was a little anxious.  Alan had a reputation for being, shall we say, rather well endowed.  All week long I had been hearing his voice in my head repeating over and over the promise he’d made the previous weekend.  “I’ll have you tied and writhing under me while I take you deep and hard.”  CC shivered in excitement.

Mark shook his head.  “No, I don’t think he’s here yet.”

Just then one of the non-members came up to the bar to pay Maya for their meal and we stopped talking.  They left, and as soon as the door closed behind them I got up to head for the door to the back rooms.

“You coming Marc?”

“Not right now.  We’re editing.  I’ll catch you later Trin.”

I waived at Maya, slid my access card into the reader and pushed through the door.  The light was dimmer in the back rooms and I paused a moment to let my eyes adjust.  Bypassing the board I headed straight for the bar.  Sitting down on one of the stools I caught Harvey’s eye.  He was at the other end and in the middle of a conversation with Lisa.  He raised his thinly bearded chin at me in silent greeting while continuing to talk and I watched him reach for a martini shaker to start mixing my Cosmo.  Lisa nodded at him, obviously finishing their conversation and walked away.  Probably arranging a room for a scene, CC poked me in the ribs.  I ignored her.

Professional barman in black standing barHarvey turned around and headed my direction in nothing but his chaps, as always.  I’d have to ask him where he got those sometime.  He winked at me and set my drink down on the bar.  Taking a sip I kept my eyes on his over the rim of the glass.  Crossing his arms over his chest, he returned the steady gaze and the events of the previous weekend came rushing back to me.  Swallowing the tart sweetness I closed my eyes and groaned.

“Oh, Harvey.  Thank you.  This is just perfect.”  Man did he get my drink right.

“Good to see you again, Trin.”

“It better be.  I wasn’t able to sit without wincing for most of the week.”

“You loved it,” he grinned devilishly.  I set my drink down and watched as he reached for a clean glass and poured a beer from the tap.  I studied his bare chest and my fingers itched to slide over the beautiful muscles again.  A memory of him groaning against my ear as I clung to him, his body thrusting over me, flashed through my mind and my heart seemed to stutter.  I took another drink.

“Hey, you left your laptop here last weekend,” he said, setting the beer on the counter for another member.  I cleared my throat.

“Yeah I know.  I had to publish my last post from my desktop.”

“Give me just a minute and I’ll grab it for you.  It’s right here behind the bar.”

“Actually, would you mind keeping it and I’ll come get it from you later?”  He nodded just as Alan came up next to me and slid his arm around my shoulder.

“There you are.  Are you ready?”  My heart jumped suddenly and I was surprised to find myself a little nervous.  Last weekend with Harvey had been so spontaneous that I’d hardly had a chance to think about it.  Plus Marc had been there the whole time.  Although we hadn’t known each other very long, our collaboration seemed to have built a certain level of trust on my part.  Tonight would be just Alan and me.

Alan seemed to sense my uncertainty and paused.  “Hey,” he soothed. “Easy now.”  He reached for the beer on the bar and I realized that Harvey had poured it for him.  “There’s no rush Trinity.”  He took a sip and set the glass back down.  “How about just a kiss hello for starters?”

Yes please, CC purred.  I smiled, a little embarassed by her.  Swiveling me on the bar stool he turned me to face him.  He nudged my knees apart and stepped between my legs so that my thighs cradled his hips.  His left hand moved to my waist while his right hand slipped around behind my neck and pulled me to him gently.  His open mouth covered mine coaxing my lips apart.  He started slowly, softly; sliding his tongue over my lips, breaking the kiss and then coming right back.  He turned his head to the other side and let his tongue delve softly to meet mine.  I inhaled deeply, sliding my left hand around to the small of his back, my right coming up to the back of his neck, pulling him down closer to me.  As he felt me relax he deepened the kiss.  Quickly he changed from gentle to urgent, filling my mouth with his tongue and pulling my body up against his.  I felt the evidence of his arousal, the cause of his reputation, pressed against my belly.  Returning his kiss I explored his mouth with my own tongue, my heart pounding in my chest.

Damn this guy can kiss.

“Hey you two,” Harvey’s voice admonished from somewhere to my right, “Get a room.  That’s what they’re for.”  Alan broke the kiss and I buried my face in his neck and laughed,  my cheeks growing hot.

“I’ve already got one,” Alan said, helping me down from the bar stool.  When I stood on the floor he raised an eyebrow at me.

“Let’s go,” I said breathlessly.  He reached for his beer and I for my Cosmo.

“Have fun,” Harvey teased and I raised my glass to him.  Alan took my hand and led me down the hall.

“I’ll be waiting for those points you owe me Trin,” Harvey called a reminder after me.

* * *

About an hour later Alan and I returned to the bar, his arm wrapped around my shoulders again.  CC giggled as he whispered in my ear and then pressed a kiss to my temple.  We sat down and he pulled his phone out, opening his Points Club App.

“Alright then.  There you go Trinity,” he said keying in the transfer, “Your first points!”  I pulled my own phone out and checked the App.  Seven shiny new points were now in my account.

“Thanks Alan.”  He had definitely lived up to the promise he’d made me.

“Thank you.  Another time maybe?”

“Oh hell yes!” CC chimed in.

“Alright, I’m off to check the board to see if there are any scraps left to make some points on.  I’ll catch you later.”  He kissed me one last time, lingering, both of us feeling how much we had enjoyed ourselves.  Then he walked away.

I breathed a contented sigh, put my elbow on the bar and rested my chin in my hand.  Looking around I found Harvey staring at me from the other end of the bar.  He was listening to someone that I didn’t recognize and turned back to him to nod in response to some comment.  As he did, he reached for a martini shaker again and started mixing up another Cosmo.  I shook my head at the deja-vu.

Deciding to retrieve my laptop, I got up and stepped around the end of the bar, crossing over to the other side.  I stood there looking for a moment at the strangeness of seeing the bar from a different perspective.  Cabinets and glasses lined the back side along with rows of liquor bottles.  There was a small built in refrigerator and next to that was my laptop bag.  I bent over and retrieved it, setting it up on counter.  Picking up my phone I transferred my newly acquired points to Harvey’s account and then slid it into the bag too.  As I zipped it closed Harvey came up behind me and wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me back against him.

“Got my points transferred?” he asked, setting my newly mixed drink on the bar.

“Yes,” I feigned a scoff as he pressed his rigid length against my backside.  “I now have zero points after two nights at Points Club.”  He leaned down and kissed my neck and CC groaned.

“Don’t worry,” he said, nibbling along my shoulder, “You’ll have plenty of opportunities to earn points.”

I turned in his arms to face him.  Draping my left arm around his neck  I reached down and stroked his growing erection with my right hand.  “What about right now?”

* * *

You know, I had a really good time with Alan that night, but I think I’m starting to develop a little crush on Harvey.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.

The Arrangement – Part IV

Warning – Contains explicit, raunchy sex with dubious consent.

Son-of-a-bitch the little slut was hot.  He held her against him, his cock throbbing deep in her pussy begging for release again.  But he’d promised to help her thank her friend for being a chaperone.  He brushed the hair from her face and whispered in her ear as he fondled the full globe of her left breast with his right hand and then reached down to stroke her clit leisurely with his left.

“Are you ready my little slut?”  She nodded as she tried to rouse herself from the haze brought on by her orgasm.  She lifted her head finally and he whispered into her ear again, “Tell him then.”  He pressed a kiss to her ear and then moved down to her neck and bit lightly.

“Damien,” she rasped, “Come here.”  He heard the other man’s movement as he got up from his chair and took several steps towards them, but he didn’t look up at the man.  Instead he rotated his hips again, stroking the sensitized walls of her pussy causing her to cry out.

“Go on,” he urged her.

She took several breaths before continuing, “Damien, do you want me to suck your cock now too?”  He heard Damian growl before he responded.

“Tara,” he said, “You have got me so hard after watching you get fucked like that.  You’re not just going to suck my cock.  I’m going to fuck your mouth until you choke.”

He heard her breath catch and with his hand over her breast he could feel her heart rate increase in excitement.

“Then take your clothes off,” she said.  Damien quickly complied and stood before them with his own erection jutting painfully skyward.

He ceased his fondling of her breast and clit and took a fist full of her hair.  Pushing on the back of her head he bent her forward until she stood bent before him at a ninety degree angle, her pussy still impaled on his cock and her face hovering before Damien’s erection.

He tightened his hold on her hair and shook her head, “Open your mouth.”  She did as he said and the other man slid his head past her lips and slowly forced his cock into her mouth inch by inch.  Damien slid his fingers into her hair on either side of her head, taking over the support of her upper body.

He returned his hands to her hips and kicked her feet apart, spreading her wide once more.

“I wish you could see yourself my little fuck slut,” he said as he slowly withdrew his length from her dripping channel.  “You are so hot with your arms tied behind your back, bent between the two of us, skewered on cocks at each end.”  She groaned.

Damien spoke up, “You love being fucked by two men, don’t you.”

He watched her from behind as she nodded over the other man’s cock.  Suddenly he tightened his hold on her hips and slammed his own cock into her, shoving her forward on Damien’s until her mouth slammed into his base.  He picked up his previous pace and slammed into her from behind over and over again, jarring her forward with each thrust, forcing her mouth down on Damien each time.


Tara choked on Damien’s cock as it slid down her throat again and gagged her.  Over and over the man pounded into her, forcing her to swallow Damien’s entire length.  She gasped for air each time he withdrew, involuntary tears streaming down her face again, trying to keep up with the speed of his thrusts.  Suddenly the man slackened his pace until he was slowly gliding in and out of her pussy.

“You know,” he said, stroking her channel teasingly.  In.  “I do love how your hot little pussy feels.”  Out. “But you know what else I would like?” In.  “I’d like to feel your tight little asshole squeezing around my cock.” Out.

Tara’s eyes snapped to Damien’s in alarm as the man’s hands moved from her hips to her cheeks.  His thumbs slid between them and cleaved the flesh apart, forcing her open.  Instinctively she tried to pull away which only forced her mouth down on Damien’s cock.  Choking again she pulled back and found the other man’s bulbous head pressed against her anus.  She swallowed around Damien’s penis as she realized in surprise that she wanted this.

Damien’s gaze burned into hers and he thrust into her mouth again.  She couldn’t determine if he could tell that she wanted it or if he just didn’t care.  Somehow though, the former thought turned her on even more and she groaned.  Damien continued to thrust into her mouth as the other man forcefully pressed his huge head against her ass, but she could not make her body accept what her mind desired.  Her muscles refused to relax and the ring of her anus burned as his thick head, slick from the juices of her pussy, ripped through her unyielding hole.  His huge, rigid staff split her in two, plunging deep inside her core and she squeezed her eyes shut against the blinding pain.

Damien refused to stop his own onslaught and continued to plunge into her mouth.  Unable to control herself, she screamed around his shaft which was almost immediately silenced by another thrust and she choked on his length again followed by a gasp as he withdrew for the next stroke.  Panic rose in her chest and she screamed, choked, gasped again and again as the two men pounded into her.

The other man did not pause to allow her to get use to the feeling of his enormous cock invading her rectum.  As soon as he slammed against her with his initial drive he withdrew, grunting and cursing at her for being a little whore and making him want to fuck her little asshole so hard.  The withdrawal burned even more than his initial thrust had and she continued to scream, choke and gasp around Damien’s cock.

Suddenly the two men picked up a matching rhythm.  No longer did they thrust her back and forth between them.  Instead they pistoned in and out of her in unison and she hung helplessly between them, arms still tied behind her back as they fucked her mercilessly from both ends.  Her rectum burned in protest of the repeated invasion.  But as the men’s pace increased, Damien’s thrusts into her mouth shallowed and she found she could breathe easier.  She began to moan deeply as the burning of the muscles around the thick shaft in her ass slowly gave way to an aching pleasure.

“That’s right you fucking little cock whore!” the man grunted as he continued slamming into her. He squeezed her hips until she was sure his fingers were white and he pulled her against him with each thrust, his balls slapping sharply against her pussy. “Take them both and love it bitch!”

A white heat began to build deep inside her and Tara let go and stopped trying to maintain control.  Slowly, ripple after ripple of pleasure replaced the burning pain and started to wash over her each time the two men slammed into her.   She watched the speed of Damien’s hips as they thrust his cock towards her face and into her mouth over and over again.  She felt the other man’s expansive, rigid shaft stroke her walls deliciously hard as he continued to curse at her and call her dirty names.  How did those words turn her on so much? She wondered through the haze that had started to envelope her.  She moaned wantonly over and over again.

Damien seemed to burst and his grip on her head tightened even more as he started to come, grunting and cursing as well.  He continued thrusting as stream after stream of his salty, sticky seed flowed into her mouth and over her chin.

Suddenly Tara began to come in great breath-taking spasms.  Her anus and rectum squeezed ruthlessly around the man’s cock and she screamed over and over again each time Damien withdrew from her mouth.  Her spasms sent the man over the edge and his pace soon slowed until he slammed harder into her as he came.  He punctuated each thrust with a, “Fuck!… Fuck!… Oh Fuck!… You little cock whore!… Fuck!” shooting his semen deep inside her until both men were finally still.


Tara’s arms still tingled after being released from the restraint of the silken chord as she and Damien stepped onto the elevator.  The doors slid shut and he turned to look at her.

“Well,” he breathed, “You said you were hoping that he would hurt you some.  Did you get what you wanted?”

She groaned.  “Oh, fuck yes!”

She slid her hand around his arm so she could hold onto him for support, her muscles pleasantly exhausted.  The elevator doors opened to the first floor and she walked across the lobby, arm in arm with him, trying to keep her steps even; hoping that no one could tell how exhausted and sore she was after having been so thoroughly fucked by the two men.